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Congratulations to the Carlinville Math team for winning its 6th straight ICTM Math Contest Regional!

The Algebra I team finished in third place
Brooke Stewart
Charlie Stewart

The Geometry Team finished in first place!
Kayla Quarton (tied for 1st as an individual)
Hayden Truax (tied for 1st)
Charlie Wilson (3rd place)
Maggie DeLong

The Algebra II Team finished in first place!
Eli Ratcliff (1st place as an individual)
Jacob Petrovich (3rd place)
Charlie Kessinger
Annabelle Hulin

The Pre-Calculus Team finished in first place!
Abby Way (2nd place as an individual)
Lathan Hill
Brigid Dunn
Madison Wieties
Elsa Mefford
Tori Hartson

The Junior-Senior 8 person team consisting of Eli Ratcliff, Madison Wieties, Abby Way, Brigid Dunn, and Charlie Kessinger finished in first place.

The Calculator Team consisting of Abby Way, Eli Ratcliff, Maggie DeLong, and Tori Hartson finished in first place.

On the state level, as a team, we finished in 23rd place. Here are our top 20 finishers: our geometry team finished in 11th place, Kayla Quarton finished in 13th place in Geometry, our calculator team finished in 18th place, and Hayden Truax finished in 19th place in Geometry. (On the state level, in the individual competitions, they have tiebreakers based on which questions are answered correctly.)
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