Employment Opportunities


Program Director, Industrial Maintenance and Electrical

Lincoln Land Community College
Hickory Grove Pork Farm:
     Welder wanted.
          Stick and or MIG welding experience desired.
          Flexible hours, good pay.
Contact - Tony Pomatto - Text is preferred - (217) 556 - 2188.
Subway Sandwich Shop.
Apply in-person.
Plaza Cafe.
     Carlinville Plaza.
     Waiter/Bus Person.
Apply in person.
Carlinville High School.
     Manual Labor.
Refer to signs in vocational building for application instructions.
Pittsburgh Pipe
     Litchfield IL.
     Looking for recent and upcoming graduates.
Boilermakers Union Local 363
Requirements: High School Diploma/GED and Birth Certificate.
Starting pay on day 1 = $27.83/hr with benefits.
Journeyman = $39.00+/hr.
Contact Mr. Austwick for more information.
Central Machining Inc.
Carlinville IL.
Entry Level and/or Experienced Machinist.
    Prefer (but not required) applicants have:
       Blueprint reading skills.
       Ability to use measuring tools. Minimum of using/reading a tape measure.
       Forklift experience.
       Good verbal/written communication skills.
       Ability to work with others.
       Good attendance.
Contact Mr. Austwick for more information.
Carlinville Truck Equipment Mfg. Inc.
Contact Mr. Austwick for more information.
Below is information about an opportunity at CL Smith in St. Louis. 
They are looking for a couple of maintenance personnel and they WILL PAY FOR YOUR COLLEGE EDUCATION at SWIC.
To be eligible, the student must enroll in the Associates in Applied Science degree program for Industrial Maintenance Mechanics.

CL Smith

Student / Employer Manufacturing Co-Op Program / Agreement


Objective:       The goal of the CL Smith co-op program is to develop a partnership between students, CL Smith, and Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) to provide tuition assistance and employment opportunities to SWIC students in exchange for a post-graduate employment commitment from the participating student.


Eligibility:       Students (current or prospective) at SWIC are eligible to apply for the CL Smith Co-Op program.  To be eligible, the student must enroll in the Associates in Applied Science degree program for Industrial Maintenance Mechanics. Students must be full-time students in the SWIC program, and maintain at least a ‘C’ grade point average throughout the program.  Failure to achieve a ‘C’ grade point level may result in termination of the agreement by CL Smith, with the student responsible for reimbursement of all CL Smith paid educational expenses.


To Apply:        Students interested in learning more about the CL Smith Co-Op program, or students wishing to apply for the program, can contact one of the individuals below for more information and to formally apply for the program. . . .

                        Doug Kremer, HR Manager

                                                CL Smith






Lyons Blow Molding

                                                HR Manager



Commitments / Requirements


Student:         1) Student must maintain full-time student status, and enroll in the necessary courses as outlined by SWIC to complete the Industrial Maintenance Mechanics degree program in the 2 year allotted time frame (course details listed later in this document).


                        2) Student must sign this formal co-op agreement to participate in the CL Smith program.  This agreement specifies the tuition assistance provided by CL Smith, along with a commitment by the student to be employed by CL Smith/Lyons Blow Molding for a specified period of time after graduation (2 years) from the SWIC Industrial Maintenance Mechanics degree program.


                        3) Student must agree to sign a FERPA release form, allowing SWIC to share progress reports / grade reports with CL Smith at the completion of each semester/course (to ensure academic level is being met).


                        4) Student agrees to work part-time at CL Smith/Lyons Blow Molding while attending classes full-time at SWIC.  This includes during school breaks (holiday and/or summer as applicable).  The students work schedule at Lyons Blow Molding will be reasonable, and determined based on the student’s class schedule – the work schedule will be coordinated between LBM personnel and the student.  This will be a paid part-time position (pay to be determined by current market pay levels).  This part-time position will help further the student’s educational experience, as well as provide hands-on learning in the industrial maintenance field.


                        5) Upon graduation from SWIC the student agrees to continue working for Lyons Blow Molding, converting to a full-time employee, for the specified period of time per this agreement – 2 years full-time employment after graduation.  If the student does not continue with LBM, they will be responsible for reimbursing CL Smith for all CL Smith paid educational expenses incurred over their schooling at SWIC.


CL Smith:        1) CL Smith will evaluate all student applications, and notify selected students of their acceptance to the CL Smith Co-Op program prior to registration for the semester courses.


                        2) CL Smith agrees to pay 50% of the tuition for the courses specified by SWIC for the Industrial Maintenance Mechanics degree program while the student attends SWIC.  Students must submit an end of semester grade report and attain a grade of ‘C’ or better, then CL Smith will issue the 50% reimbursement to the student. 


Upon successful graduation from the program, CL Smith will reimburse the student for the other 50% of the tuition for the program.  CL Smith will make the initial payment (50% tuition) at the each course is successfully completed, as long as the student has signed this CL Smith Co-Op agreement.  The remaining 50% will be reimbursed to the student upon full completion of the program.


                        3) Lyons Blow Molding will work with the student to develop a part-time work schedule for each semester.  The pay level will be at a reasonable market rate, and the schedule will be coordinated with the student based upon the student’s schedule.  This part-time work will help provide the student with hands-on experience to further their educational experience and industry-related experience.


                        4) Lyons Blow Molding will enter into the CL Smith Co-Op agreement, stipulating that upon graduation CL Smith will maintain the individual’s employment for the period stipulated on the agreement.  If CL Smith does not have an available opening at the time of graduation and is not able to convert the student to a full-time employee, the student will not be held responsible for reimbursement of educational expenses to CL Smith.



SWIC Associates in Applied Science Degree - Industrial Maintenance Mechanics Program


Program Costs:           $12,500 (estimated)


Program Requisite                                                                             Semester Credits

PMT 100          Precision Machining Introduction                                                       0.5


Year 1

Fall Semester                                                                                      Semester Credits

PMT 101          Intro to the Machine Trades                                                               4.0

PMT 102          Intermediate Machining                                                                     4.0

IML 119           Mechanical Systems                                                                           4.0

IDP 276            Industrial Hydraulics I                                                                         4.0

IML 120           Mechanical Blueprint Reading I                                                          3.0

Total Fall Semester Credits (Year 1)                                                                          19.5


Spring Semester                                                                                 Semester Credits

IDP 116            Industrial Pipefitter A                                                                         4.0

EET 101           Intro to Electricity/Electronics                                                           5.0

EET 241           Electrical Power, Motors, and Controls                                              3.0

EET 243           NEC for Industrial/Commercial                                                          3.0

Total Spring Semester Credits (Year 1)                                                                     15.0


Summer Semester                                                                             Semester Credits

IML 125           Industrial Maintenance Welding                                                        4.0

Total Summer Semester Credits (Year 1)                                                                  4.0


Total Year 1 Credits                                                                                                   38.5


Year 2

Fall Semester                                                                                      Semester Credits

EET 200           Digital Electronic Circuits                                                                   3.0

EET 235           Programmable Logic Controllers                                                        3.0

EET 239           Advanced PLC’s                                                                                   3.0

IML 133           Rigging (Industrial)                                                                             4.0

Total Fall Semester Credits (Year 2)                                                                          13.0


** Student applies for graduation prior to the start of the Spring Semester in Year 2 **


Spring Semester                                                                                 Semester Credits

GT 104             Math for Electronics OR

MATH 112       College Algebra                                                                                  4.0

HES 151           Personal Health and Wellness                                                            2.0

ENG 101          Rhetoric & Composition I                                                                   3.0

                        Communications Course                                                                     3.0

                        Social Science Course                                                                         3.0

                        Human Relations Course                                                                    3.0

Total Spring Semester Credits (Year 2)                                                                     18.0


Total Program Credits                                                                                               69.5



In Conclusion:            When the student successfully completes the degree program at SWIC, they will then be converted to a full-time LBM employee in the position of Maintenance Technician or Process Technician (or a position at an equal or higher level) for a minimum of the duration in this CL Smith Co-Op agreement.


                                    If the student chooses not to honor this CL Smith Co-Op agreement after graduation, they agree to reimburse CL Smith for any education-related expenses during their schooling at SWIC.  Should CL Smith not have any position available for the student upon graduation, the student will not be required to reimburse CL Smith for educational expenses incurred.


                                    This program is designed to create a “both-win” situation. . .the student is able to receive funding for their post-secondary education and degree, and CL Smith is able to develop a pool of talented candidates to enhance their manufacturing operation.



Signatures for Agreement



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Student Name (Printed)                                Student Signature                                  Date



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CL Smith Name (Printed)                               CL Smith Signature